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About Course

Explore the world of dynamic web development with our SolidJS course, where you’ll master this efficient JavaScript library for building robust, reactive user interfaces. Dive into the principles of reactivity and component-based architecture, gaining the skills to create seamless web applications.

SolidJS Outline:

  1. Introduction to SolidJS

   – Overview and philosophy

   – Reactive programming paradigm

  1. Getting Started

   – Installation and setup

   – SolidJS project structure

  1. Reactivity

   – Reactive primitives

   – Reactivity in components

  1. Components and Composition

   – Component basics

   – Composition API

  1. State Management

   – Stores and reactivity

   – Managing component state

  1. Routing

   – Navigation basics

   – Router integration

  1. Advanced Concepts

   – Suspense and async rendering

   – JSX and template literals

  1. Testing and Debugging

   – Unit testing

   – Debugging tools

  1. Optimizations

   – Performance considerations

   – Memoization techniques

  1. Deployment

    – Building and deploying SolidJS applications.



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What Will You Learn?

  • Practical knowledge about how to work on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery.
  • Knowledge about CSS processors.
  • Knowledge of APIs.
  • Mobile Design.
  • Knowledge about cross-browser Developments.

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